To all the past and future clients that we truly appreciate!


After a crazy and unpredictable year things seem to be settling down in what might be referred to as “close to normal”, right?! 


An upside for us is that after a couple of slow months at the start of covid, we are suddenly swamped. And while we wish we could get to everyone the next day - unfortunately, the downside is, even Superheroes can only do our best. 


We have worked very hard all these years building our reputation and sustaining the quality workmanship we give. We are not willing to sacrifice that. Right now we cannot keep up with the demand in estimates and keep our integrity true. More good news, we are not yet fully booked for the season! 


Right now we are going to review the current inquiries we've received and will only be able to get back to some of you, for this we apologize. If you don't hear back from us, please know we are doing what we can handle at this time. And don't hesitate to reach out to us in the future!  


Another positive result of covid is that we all learned lessons in patience, flexibility, and adapting -  all which are great life lessons! We appreciate you all and the patience for us Superheros! 

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Wonderwoman Construction is your one stop design and general contractorWe are dedicated to the concept of using building science to improve not only the look and function of your home, but the impact your home has on you and our environment.


We take great pride in our experience, expertise, quality and customer service. It is our mission to provide finely crafted details and while ensuring complete customer satisfaction from start to finish, regardless of how large or small the job. From design to installation, we will work to get you the end result you desire while knowing that your construction team is putting you first. 

More here about who we are...


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Building Plans

Unsure of your exact project direction? We have a designer on board to ensure your project produces a cohesive, functional and tailored look. Start your project off right by scheduling a consultation to see what she can add to your finished result.

wonderwoman project manager

We'll work with you from start to finish, guaranteeing honest, fluid and constant communication. There is a project manager on every one of our projects giving you the full attention you need. When it comes to your house, office or business we know that your project is important and will treat it as such.

Wonderwoman construction

We'd be here all day if we listed all the aspects that we can help you achieve your goals!

But here are a few:

  • Additions 

    • Sunrooms​/Porches

    • Garages

  • Remodels

    • Bathrooms​

    • Kitchens

  • Insulation/Testing

  • Finishing Basements

  • Handywork

  • Painting 

  • NEW to our team: ELECTRICAL

If you don't see what you're looking for give us a call! The possibilities are practically endless. 

What is building science?

Wonderwoman Construction is dedicated to following the practice of building science. The quick description is:

 We think about how every aspect of your remodel will effect every aspect of your home


Adding a bath fan can seem like a simple project but will have major ramifications if not done in way that considers how the change in airflow will effect the rest of the house. We pride ourselves on looking at the full scope of the project so that you can relax knowing that we have taken every opportunity to ensure a quality end result that will last. 

Want to learn more? Here is an in-depth look at building science:

What is LEED certified?

LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a way of business. Earth is our home and we like to make sure we treat it as such. Whenever possible we make it a priority to use tools, materials and processes that are sustainable and would make mother nature proud. In addition, this includes ways to make your home more efficient and green which could save you money and save your conscience!

"A LEED credential denotes proficiency in today’s sustainable design, construction and operations standards." 

Want to learn more? Here is an in-depth look at LEED:





New Warehouse

New Warehouse

New Warehouse

Kitchen Transformation

Kitchen Transformation

Kitchen Remodel

Fireplace Wall

Fireplace Wall

Refresh Living Space

Modern Upgrade

Modern Upgrade

Modern Upgrade

Pat's Tap

Pat's Tap

Pat's Tap




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