Kelly Gordon: SR Project Manager

Our most experienced Project Manager, Kelly has been in the world of construction longer than she can remember. Starting at McGough Construction, Kelly ran big projects from small trailers. She tried to escape construction after a few years, but Wonderwoman needed her, and she has been with the company for 12+ years. She knows the ins and outs of running our projects and takes pride in the details. Kelly is a talented painter who recently shared her work at the Lola Art Crawl. She lives in the Cooper neighborhood with her son, their black cat and sometimes her boyfriend.

Tammy Earley: Project Manager and Lead Painter

In her previous life Tammy was a top notch salesperson. After hooking up with Lori, she saw how much fun we have and decided to leave the desk behind and become a project manager as well. Tammy takes no bullshit and will see a project through until it is done right. At the same time, she will make you laugh even as she talks you into moving piles and piles of firewood. She also rocks her Grandma title! Tammy loves to fish and can be found at least a few weekends in the summer floating in her houseboat.

Kirsten Billmeyer: Designer and Project Manager

Houses are my passion. At a young age I started playing around with houses in my head - what I would do if I had a magic wand. I graduated from Dunwoody with a B.A. in interior design and have been making houses amazing, efficient, and getting them to their full potential ever since. In my free time I have two labs who hike with me anywhere I can find that's dog friendly (including patio happy hours!) You'll find me out side in the sun whenever possible.