We are Wonderwoman Construction


We are owned by a woman but our team is diverse, fun, hardworking and educated with the same goal in mind:

Produce an awesome outcome and thrive as super heroes for the construction industry and our community. 

We take great pride in our experience, expertise, quality and customer service. Additionally, we are driven to provide energy efficient and durable spaces that will improve your home and your experience of living in it. It is our mission to provide finely crafted details and complete customer satisfaction from start to finish. From design to installation, we will work to ensure that the project will exceed expectations.

    Lori Reese

    Lori Reese left the family farm at 18 with visions of a life in a skirt, toting a briefcase, and owning her own business.  When she completed college and needed a job, she took a temporary summer position as a commercial carpenter apprentice having no clue why she was drawn to a world of blue jeans and no skirts. She realized later she was drawn to the “yearn to learn” that comes with each unique building. Learning became her driving passion once she discovered it made her good in her profession not just good at her skill. 

    In 1990, Lori fulfilled her original dream and launched her own business - Wonderwoman Construction – knowing it would take superhuman powers to succeed in a man’s world. She already had the gifts of strength and stamina from the farm. She added a woman’s ability to nurture - setting herself apart from the competition by taking the time needed to help clients gain confidence in their decisions. This proved to be beneficial when she began incorporating better building techniques and energy efficiency into her business.

    Lori is now a Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified energy professional. In addition to offering beautiful remodeling services, she is qualified to assess a home to maximize solutions for comfort, durability, health, and energy savings.  She looks for air leaks and insulation problems that cause uncomfortable drafts and high energy bills. She snoops out moisture issues that can lead to stinky basements, moldy walls, and ceiling stains. She even helps clients uncover sources of harmful toxins such as carbon monoxide.

    Lori has been walking the walk by improving her own home. She took the siding off her home and added rigid foam insulation to the outside before residing. This non-traditional way of insulating can be a better way to insulate because it helps reduce “thermal bridging”; it reduces the transfer of hot or cold outside temperatures into the home through the wood building components. It can also help reduce drafts by acting as an “air barrier” to stop the movement of air from outside to in. During the process of insulating and residing, Lori upgraded her windows to ENERGY STAR and was careful to seal the gaps between the windows and the walls – an often-overlooked area that frequently causes drafts.  Her experience making her own home comfortable has come in handy helping clients find solutions to their comfort complaints. 

    When I asked Lori which project has been the most memorable, she slowly answered, “The most memorable projects were not about the project itself but about the memorable people.”  

    Lori is a committed student of her craft, she takes construction journals on vacation – craving quiet time to catch up on reading so she can stay on top of her game. She does find time to have fun, though.  She plays drums with her band – Risk Factor –works out daily and motivates everyone around her. When you get to know this confident woman who runs a business named Wonderwoman Construction, not much is surprising. 

     -bio by Cindy Ojczyk, Simply Green Designs


    Issac Wheeler

    Ever since I was a young boy, I have loved to build things. I built wood block bridges, LEGO castles and tree forts and structures that defied description. My parents met at Lane Community College's Energy Management Program, so I guess it's no surprise I ended up being interested in energy efficiency and sustainability and pursued my education in that field.

    I have worked in the building science trade since 2005, and had an excellent opportunity to learn and grow as an energy expert and auditor. I have worked with various agencies in and around Minnesota as a third party verifier and building science consultant, and led diagnostic activities with Minnesota area construction and weatherization professionals, explaining the interactions of moisture and energy on building structures and components.

    My formal training continues to evolve, as I am a dedicated student of sustainability. I continue to attend professional development workshops and conferences to stay on pace with a constantly evolving industry. I have multiple certifications in the energy field, including Minnesota Advanced Residential Energy Auditor, RESNET as a certified HERS rater and BPI as a building analyst professional.

    I have a passion for helping people understand how their house works in relationship to energy, and I look forward to working with you.

    Kelly Gordon: SR Project Manager

    Our most experienced Project Manager, Kelly has been in the world of construction longer than she can remember. Starting at McGough Construction, Kelly ran big projects from small trailers. She tried to escape construction after a few years, but Wonderwoman needed her, and she has been with the company for 12+ years. She knows the ins and outs of running our projects and takes pride in the details. Kelly is a talented painter who recently shared her work at the Lola Art Crawl. She lives in the Cooper neighborhood with her son, their black cat and sometimes her boyfriend.

    Tammy Earley: Project Manager and Lead Painter

    In her previous life Tammy was a top notch salesperson. After hooking up with Lori, she saw how much fun we have and decided to leave the desk behind and become a project manager as well. Tammy takes no bullshit and will see a project through until it is done right. At the same time, she will make you laugh even as she talks you into moving piles and piles of firewood. She also rocks her Grandma title! Tammy loves to fish and can be found at least a few weekends in the summer floating in her houseboat.

    Kirsten Billmeyer: Designer and Project Manager

    Houses are my passion. At a young age I started playing around with houses in my head - what I would do if I had a magic wand. I graduated from Dunwoody with a B.A. in interior design and have been making houses amazing, efficient, and getting them to their full potential ever since. In my free time I have two labs who hike with me anywhere I can find that's dog friendly (including patio happy hours!) You'll find me out side in the sun whenever possible. 

    Dave, Supervising Carpenter

    Dave is taller and stronger than Lori!  Seriously, a big strong guy. He is steady and hardworking and doesn't mind getting his hands dirty. He adds depth and stabiltiy to our team. Right now he is ice fishing. Back Monday.

    Brian, Master Carpenter

    Brian is a veteran in many facets of wood working. An excellent finish carpenter, Brian has a very creative mind and can solve challenging projects in a beautiful way. Brian has published articles in woodworking magazines (https://trib.al/oTOlOBn) and designed his own saw horses. Ask him about the sawhorses, he will be glad to tell you about them.

    Aaron, Lead Carpenter

    Ben, Lead Carpenter